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6 months to go

A journey lies ahead, of discovery and new horizons. To get there, there is a lot to be overcome, acceptance of new ideas and willingness to surrender on old habits and ideas. This is my blog about this process and journey.



Week 23 – The riple effect

What we focus on grows, we have been taught. The more we give, the more we get. This is all so true. This past week I have definitely seen this.

In my teaching it is not just learning the language but also about the culture that is important for the students to facilitate their living in this country. At the end of the week I had one student coming to me after class saying how she enjoys the extra information I give them of stories and background on the city and the history of this country for them to get the bigger picture of how things are connected. Having had visitors, she had so much more to show and tell her friends whereas she in the beginning found the city difficult to get a grip on and therefore she didn’t really find it that interesting. So by coming from service and wanting what is best for them, they again can pay it forward and enlighten others so that they all can have a greater experience. How wonderful is that!

With a mastermind group on the weekend related to another topic than the MKMMA, I also got the proof of the importance of giving and growing as well as masterminding. We had asked to get another mentor as it didn’t really work out with the first one. This time we absolutely got value from the gathering. As we were all giving ie sharing from our knowledge, focusing on specific topics, we got many times our input back. When everybody comes from service and giving, we all receive so much benefit. The beauty…it is so easy to do!

Simon Sinek states: Our visions are only actionable if we say them out loud. If we keep our dreams to ourselves, they will remain a figment of our imagination. So by sharing the thoughts we think with others, our ideas can grow, making masterminding essential to achieve what we want in life.

Week 22A – Time out…

This last week was an interesting week.

There have been several people trying to trigger my old blueprint…they did succeed a very short while, I must admit, but then I used that constructively and it didn’t bother me after that, rather gave me something to reflect on as to why did it happen and then act on that. – There were also some teenagers from abroad I talked to after hearing their very loud and negative comments about living in this country. I asked if I could tell them something and they said yes. What had come to me as they talked was that, your attitude towards people and places, determines your experience in living there. I guess that perhaps does not follow the no opinion idea we are supposed to follow. However, a seed may have been planted for them to have a different experience if they change the way they think.

I also met up with great people wanting to help me advance and thinking my ideas were great related to a business idea I have. How one meeting came about, was through a friend who connected me to some people who could possibly help me. It turned out I could also help improve their concept. A win – win for all of us, and proof that master-minding really is a brilliant thing. – After a presentation I went to, the next day looking through incoming emails, I found one of them was with information about a job opportunity with that company. I contacted them and the person remembered me and asked me to apply…and taking that a bit further, after I sent the application this weekend, I have been asked to come for an interview. Something else interesting in relation to this, is that just on the Friday I was told that they still don’t know anything in relation to another job project…so if one door closes, or nothing happens there, another seems to open and perhaps this is better for me at the time being.  – As to the teaching I do, the company also contacted me about several new projects and asked if I possibly could do those, so persistence in doing your best pays off!

Part of what we are supposed to do at the moment, is plan and arrange for an extended periode of silence. I was postponing that a bit as it wasn’t really possibly for me to manage, but then the universe somehow wanted me to at least slow down a little as I slipped on the ice, fell and hit my head and back. So at least I got to take several longer time outs. In the beginning lots of thoughts went through my mind, but little by little the senses were being more quiet, the breathing changed and became calmer and I really could feel how the puls came down and how a feeling of peace occured. I felt much more refreshed afterwards and also got some new ideas.

Week 22 – Emotions as a tool to action

To master emotions is not easy. However, as the MKMMA has progressed I feel it has become easier, and also to get back into equilibrium if I am getting off balance. With the additional tools to create greater awareness of how I can utilize the emotions consciously and constructively, I am absolutely better equiped to handle it.

It is facinating how the emotions can cause a surge in energy and trigger focused actions to change current circumstances, whether positive or negative. If we then choose ourselves how to use the emotions we are experiencing and how to focus them in a constructive way, amazing things can and will happen…and fast as well. By focusing in a positive way we can produce desirable results… Hence, choosing wisely not to get the opposite of what we say we want is essential…no hidden underminding or sabbotage! We know what that will create.

Haanels description of vibration and what happens when it increases, thereby destroying lower rates of vibration, causing us to focus either positively or negatively is interesting reading as well and well worth taking time “thinking” about. Who hasn’t experienced how things seem to occur when we put our attention to something? In other words, through thinking we increase the vibration and focus. Through mastering this, we create the results we want.

As has been stated many times throughout these weeks, what we want more of we should focus on as it will grow. What we don’t want in our lives, we should on the other hand not pay attention to. Sometimes easier said than done, but with the work so far, repetition, all the tools we now have and the understanding of how to use emotions, vibrations and the power of focus, we have definitely taken the call to adventure to go on the hero’s journey and return different from when we started out. What a great journey this is!


Week 21 – Perfection and happiness

Practice makes perfect, we have heard so many times throughout the MKMMA. That is how we create the good habits. In addition that is how we become happy as by focusing on the present moment and enjoying the miracles we see all around every day, that does create a change inside I find, of feeling more alive and letting go of unnecessary baggage and not catching on to other people’s atempts of getting me off balance. Every now and then it can happen, but not for long as I want to get back into the balanced feeling which creates happiness, peacefulness and harmony.

We cannot change the past, nor can the future happen today. Today is all that we have. I love the following, and we must enjoy that present.


It is amazing how the imprinting of thoughts onto the mind through repetition draws things to us. regardless of small or large ideas. I have tested out the smaller thoughts on a regular basis, such as finding a parking space, seeing something in particular like a colour or shape. It truely works. Little by little also the bigger things are coming as I have shared some of those ideas with some others and they know relevant people they have put me in contact with and also suddenly various relevant presentations turn up that I can attend for free, that can help me further with my ideas.

So although the old blueprint can pop up, and the habits need to be really grounded, things are happening and they come from the power within that is awakening. I love the fact that “everything which is held for any length of time in the consciousness, eventually becomes impressed upon the subconscious and thus becomes a pattern which the creative energy will weave into the life and environment of the individual.”

Week 20 – The perfect plan and chipping off that cement

Something has happened this last week. A mental change. I feel happier and have more energy. This benefits the people around me and myself as well, and feels really nice!

Marks perfect plan is brilliant. I have a perfect example of it this week when I planned in the family, A and B activities, and then everything else. It was fascinating to see how much I actually got done that particular day, even additional things when my work called and asked if I could do a special assignment they needed help with. They were so greatful and it felt wonderful to be of service. The word enthousiasm is also my word for this week, and it fitted perfectly.

I have thought of myself as a multi tasker and others often have seen me as one. However, it is so true that you can get to a point of just being stressed out and performing at a lower level. I crashed into the famous wall many years ago, and that was just what happened. My brain never had time to rest because I did not prioritize it at the time. I “didn’t have time” or rather I didn’t know the importance of it to get back on track. But, I definitely saw the result of that choice. Not a benefitial situation for me. It lingered for way too long. I remember how part of my healing process was to every day, go down by the fjord I live close to. Sit and overlook the water and let go of my thoughts, and appreciate the quiteness, the sound of water running over the stones on the beach and also calming my mind. – The sit makes such a difference, calming my mind, letting me be more creative and having insights come to me.

Inspired, positive thoughts are together with the daily habits, what will get me to who I want to be. I definitely can see and feel the importance of.


Week 19 – Not average

I have read some obituaries in my life but must admit that those are not really what I focus on in the newspaper. By doing that now I realize how many incredible people are out there in this world who live a life in passion of what they do, whether it being focusing on and supporting the people around them or enjoying what they work with or do as a hobby. They have a purpose. People really appreciate them and hopefully also tell them BEFORE they are gone. None of them are average, because they are them.

Those who are gone I am sure would do anything to get one more day on this planet. However, I still think that they are with us in some or another way, supporting their loved ones and wanting the best for us. They show it in various ways. Some people may not think things work that way, but I choose to as I have had several experiences over the years where I know that the energy of specific individuals has been around. That has felt comforting and supporting as knowing that there is always someone who sees me and supports me in what I do, does feel good. I am never alone and they want me to find my path and my passion. I am not an average person, I am ME and nature’s greatest miracle by being that.

So what would the person I intend to become do next? Definitely not give up, but keep charging ahead and building the momentum or progressions. I have been placed here for a purpose and that is to grow into a mountain, not shrink to a grain of sand.

Each day I focus on happiness and giving, I receive so much back. This last week I experienced so many times the wonderful gift of receiving in various ways: being given something for free, people smiling at me, being invited for a lunch and evening gathering, enjoying the company of new people I met, and several people I haven’t heard from in a long time wanting to catch up. That makes me feel good and happy, so creating more happiness and paving the road to success.


Week 18 – Goal post moving…

Oh my god have I kept moving the goal post througout my life! The whole society seems to be fixed around that from when we start school.

When I was little I did things because I really enjoyed them whether it being special assignment or creative things. I could sit for hours totally focused, forgetting about everything around me and being in the flow. Just like we now do with the sit. So, it is just to get back in that flow.

As school progressed things “got serious” and that also took the fun out of it little by little in addition to being influenced in certain directions as opposed to really taking a closer look inside and what I really would enjoy doing. I kept comparing myself to others as well, not doing much to lessen the moving of the goal post issue. Then came university…and it continued on there with some breaks when going to study languages for a year and just focus on that. Starting to work…well, it continued again. We call it the little hamster’s wheel, you keep running and don’t get anywhere, because as Mark said, the goal post keeps being moved, not necessarily by myself but by others, because of how the graduate work scheme I entered into was arranged. Then I took a break again and made some new decisions, but still it ended up keep going with the goal post moving after not too long. Amazing and sad how difficult it is to stop and change something that is moving at speed forward…in the wrong direction!

We have something called “janteloven” in my country, which basically says  you shouldn’t really believe you are ever good enough or are something. I guess that perfectly states the constant moving of the goal post, so that success will always be at the opposite side of happiness. I am sure other countries has it as well. Although I got from a friend of my family an “anti-janteloven” many years ago, then that hasn’t stuck as well, unfortunately, but I should take a closer look at that now, I realize.

I guess I haven’t had the tools to really work on the issue and trying the way I used to, didn’t really work to create the happiness to the degree I want and I know I am entitled to. With the MKMMA I feel that that is falling more into place and by focusing on gratefulness on a daily basis, then I don’t postpone but appreciate what I experience each day, which feels great. There is a lot to appreciate and I am worthy of having things go my way, as are all of us. Training the brain to focus positively and seeing all the things I have a achieved and am gratefull for, does make a difference to the better.